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Why Choose Us?

C.J.'s Dance Factory studio home to supportive parents & talented students and where all students are created & treated equally, gain confidence, poise & lasting friendships by studying with nurturing teachers. The experienced staff holds a superior commitment to the students, their families and our professional business philosophies. We are customer-friendly, honest, provide personal attention & good communication, organized, full of passion for dance, aware of the influence we have on every child, and truly care about what we do for each and every student in nurturing them for much more than dancing.  

We are dedicated to helping students succeed physically, mentally and socially as well as in their dance skills. CJDF dance educators know that success doesn’t come from awards or accolades or the size of the school’s enrollment. It comes from the knowledge that we have made a difference in the lives of the students we teach. 

When there are so many activities for children to choose from…..

Why dance?  Why choose us?

Our classes are taught by skilled teachers in positive classrooms.  Our costumes and choreography are always age appropriate. For over 35 years C.J.'s Dance Factory has been providing  the highest quality dance training to our area. We are committed to teaching because we understand the importance the arts can have in a child’s life. CJDF recognizes that exposure to arts contributes to the outcome of raising a well-rounded, creative, and successful child. Our dancers go beyond technique and poise to develop important life skills-learning to be respectful, confident, and conscientious young people and for many, this is their “sport”. They learn how to be a part of a team and their commitment to a team!WHY DANCE?

  • To develop coordination, balance, strength and stamina

  • For support of self-confidence, self-motivation, and self-discipline

  •  To improve flexibility and promote joint health

  •  To build muscle and burn calories

  •  By doing cardiovascular exercise, one reduces risk of heart disease and hypertension

  •  For improving brain function through use of memory and rhythm skills

  •  In creating new brain patterns, one reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease

  •  To develop communication, teamwork, and leadership skills



  • Qualified instructors who bring a passion to teach, ability to help students progress in technique, desire to explore performing styles, & ability to provide positive energy

  • Multiple teaching levels, both Recreational & Company, based on your child’s interest.

  •  Recital is important but not the focus of the entire year. The emphasis is placed on the process of learning and acquiring skills, as well as having fun.

  • Our dance teams are for those seeking more performance and competitive opportunities throughout the year.

  •  Classes are age appropriate & fun.

  •  Age Appropriate dance costumes- We believe in the preservation of a child's innocence. Modesty is the best policy. 

  •  Classes for all ages, 18 months through Adult.

  •  We are a place where you will feel at home!

  •  Yes, there is a difference ~ come discover who we are & who your dancer could be.

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