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A dress code is important, not only because it is part of the tradition of formal dance training and creates uniformity, but also proper attire

 helps the dancer mentally prepare for the class ahead. This is as true for small children as it is for young adults we will be selling everything your child needs for class. Dress codes are helpful for us to be able to see the body and make corrections.

A dancer’s hair is as much a part of the dancer’s uniform as the tights, leotard and shoes. For females with long hair, the hair must be puled back out of the face. Ballet technique classes hair must be in a bun with a hairnet.

Tuition- is due the first lesson of the month and will be paid in 9 equal monthly installments. A $10 late fee will be applied after the first lesson, missed classes may not be used to lower tuition. Withdrawal must be in writing 30 days prior. NO refunds on any monies paid. All checks should be made out to C.J. Martin and placed in the payment lock box.

Studio Holidays and important monthly information- Will be posted on the lobby chalkboard,  in your email newsletter and on the board in our parent room.

No food or drink in the studio- Our parent room has just been remodeled. There are tables and chairs under the front veranda alongside a city trash can.

We are a smoke free facility and have no ashtrays and our parking lot is not one.

Please do not post videos or pictures of our classes or performances on social media without permission.

Cell phones are not allowed in the studio area

Observation for parents in our Parent room on the CCTV. Please observe social distancing

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